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We are an exceptionally well referenced company in both domestic and regional markets and with pride we can offer you the following services:

Performing concrete and reinforced concrete work

Performing dry assembly and painting work

Performing masonry and façade work

Performing flooring, ceramic and joinery work

Performing carpentry, roofing and scaffolding work

Enterior design

Project management

Expert supervision at all phases of work performance

Coordination of work safety

Why choose Us? x


We provide performance of all work on construction of houses, smaller or bigger residential and office buildings. We guarantee a high quality of services, and the work is always performed in agreement with the client.

With you from foundation to roof

Our motto “With you from foundation to roof” is not just well said, but the exact service we strive to provide for you: to assist you from the beginning until the end of a construction project.

Performance of construction work

We perform reinforced concrete, carpentry and masonry work, including façade work. We perform work as both subcontractors on large projects and as main contractors.

Team work

Our construction experts have years of experience in their respective fields of work. Therefore, we are fully prepared to take on full responsibility when it comes to any construction project. Our goal is to complete every project adhering to the highest standards, meeting set deadlines, and optimizing the planned budget. We invest into learning new techniques and we are constantly searching for new construction materials.

Performance of craft work

We perform plasterboard, painting and flooring work. We also provide plumbing services. Other craft and installation work is performed together with trusted partners.

Construction process can have 4 or more phases:

Sometimes beginning construction can be hard, because there are a lot of factors to be considered in the entire process. We are here for you … you’re not alone.



The process of constructing a new building, renovating an apartment or any sort of construction at all begins with planning. There are a lot of details to be taken care of before beginning the process of designing and construction can begin. Unlike other construction companies, we will guide you through the construction regulations and applying for planning and we will be there to answer you any question that you might have on you journey to complete the construction.


Construction company RNC d.o.o. collaborates with some of the best architects in Serbia. We can provide you with detailed structural designs and 3D visualizations of facilities in accordance with the construction regulations. In case you already hired an architect on your project, and need a construction company to perform the work, we can complete the construction that is completely in accordance with the plans and specifications that you already have.


Construction process begins with the preparation of the site and demolition of the old facility if necessary. After that, the foundation is laid. That is when the actual construction begins. At the end of this phase, we lay down plumbing and electrical installations. Our construction company adheres to strict safety regulations and high standards of construction at any step of the process.


Towards the end of the project, we agree with you on colors, tiles, floors, interior decoration, etc. because this is the part of construction process that turns your facility into a desirable living space or for some other functional purpose. Regardless of your taste – contemporary or traditional – you wish that your space would reflect exactly what and how you wish it to be, all of course in accordance with architectural and construction regulations. We can offer you a solution that will certainly satisfy you. After finishing work, we will provide you with gas and electrical safety certificates and other necessary documents.

Demolish and rebuild or expand and renew x

Perhaps your family grew and you discovered that two bedrooms are not enough. Or perhaps you’ve just bought or inherited a family house that is in urgent need of renovation. Your business requires building a new office space or you wish to invest in wine production and you need to construct a new winery?
First you wanted to hire the local repairmen to replaster the walls, create new floors and install a new kitchen and a bathroom, but now you are asking yourself whether it is better to hire a construction company and start from the scratch. So, when is it better to expand and renew, and when is it better to demolish the old structure and build a new facility? We state below some steps in the decision-making process that should be considered before beginning a new project.

What should you consider before beginning a new project? x

Planning and permits

Expansions and additions usually do not require planning, except if they surpass a certain size. New facility will certainly require you to secure a lot more documents, even to perhaps adjust your plans. Key factors are the type and location of the facility. For example, interventions on town or terraced houses are much more difficult, and would require you to seek the assistance of a civil engineer and a lawyer in order to be certain that the work you plant to do is safe and lawful.

Size of the project

If you wish to add on one bedroom or an open space kitchen with an elegant kitchen island for your home, a good solution would be to use the attic or to expand the house (or a combination of the two). However, if you wish to turn a bungalow with two bedrooms into a villa with six bedrooms, it will be easier and probably more efficient and inexpensive to demolish and rebuild.

Condition of the existing facility

If the structural quality of the existing facility is quite poor, then rebuilding is probably more reasonable than a large-scale renovation or expansion. On the other hand, if foundational structure is solid (healthy) and the changes you wish to make are superficial, renovation could be the best solution.

Practicality and logistics

If internal construction work is performed, you can stay in your home. Our company for designing and construction always makes sure that your home should remain safe while we work on it. However, during rebuilding you must relocate for the duration of the entire project that may last from several months to a year, depending on the size and complexity of the project.